John of God

João Teixeira da Faria was born on June 24, 1942 in a small village in central Brazil. His father was a tailor, and despite his efforts working as a tailor, João and his family were often faced with hunger and poverty. As a child, he displayed clairvoyant abilities. Because of his innate rebellion, João's formal education was cut short after only two years.

At sixteen he travelled to Campo Grande to begin a job as a tailor. For unknown reasons, the job was terminated its first day. With the reality of hunger and poverty staring João in the face, he was filled with despair. He went swimming in a nearby creek to refresh himself and wash away his anxieties.

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Then suddenly, he heard a voice call his name. He was amazed to see a beautiful, fair-haired woman next to a tree. He sat near her, and they spoke for a long time. Later that night João realized she was Saint Rita of Cassia.

With many questions still unanswered, he returned to the same spot the next morning hoping to speak to her. A beam of light sparkled in the place where she had stood and her voice then emerged from the light. She instructed him to go to a Spiritist center in town where the people there were expecting him. Not understanding the meaning of this, he nonetheless did what he was told.

When he arrived at the church, members were indeed expecting him. Then João lost consciousness. When he woke up a few hours later, he apologized for passing out and explained it was due to hunger. To João's surprise, a senior member told him he had not merely passed out but that he had incorporated the spirit of King Solomon.

He went on to say that in those three hours that he couldn't remember, João had healed many people and performed amazing surgeries. João naturally thought this was a mistake. But after he was served a meal and more discussion took place, João began to reflect on the possibility that this could be true.

So began the spiritual career of João de Deus, (John of God) whose channelled healings have benefited hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. João's reputation was now established as one of the most extraordinary healers of our times.

Joao Teixeira Da Faria is no longer working at the Casa De Dom Inacio, however it continues to be the healing centre it has been since 1978. For forty one years people have visited and continue to visit this small town in central Brazil to receive emotional, physical and spiritual healing. The entities are still working and helping as they always did. The healing energy in the current room, the casa, the waterfall, and the streets of Abadiania, in the guesthouses, even in our own homes far away– the powerful work continues.

Adrienne has done Distant Healing sessions for fifteen years on a weekly basis and it’s clear the healing is not done through a man. Joao said many times, ‘I do not heal, it is God who heals’.


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Our common cause regardless of our personal beliefs, is cultivating compassion, love, emotional intelligence, self trust and a healthy sense of self. This is critical in these troubled times.

Everyone’s relationship with his or her Spirituality is personal. God is different things to different people. We cultivate our efforts at transformation by taking full responsibility for our selves in our quest to discover our own innate higher intelligence, self trust and autonomy.


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The Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil is not a magic bullet. It is a place where the entities, with our efforts help us make energetic shifts within the complexities of our karma and other factors. They have the power to shift and raise our vibration and manipulate our energy field for the better. It is not a place where one time healing fixes everything. The entities are very clear when they say, 'There is no magic here - go to work"



We are being called to be the light we wish to see in the world.


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