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Testimonials: Healing at the Casa

Andrew Johnson, 48
utritionist, medical herbalist, Iridologist,
Glastonbury UK

"I had a female patient come to me and when I did an iridology examination, I saw that she had had a lot of surgery, particularly in the abdominal area. There were indications it occurred in the last year or two. I asked her about it and she denied it at the time. However right at the end of the consultation she said, "Oh well actually, I've just had a thought, I went to see this psychic surgeon in Brazil and I had psychic surgery and wonder if it could be that". It was in the same area I saw the markings in her eyes.

Many months later, I had a dream, and in this dream I was being called by this man, didn't know his name or where it was, he was dressed in white, I saw a room full of people all dressed in white, and the room was painted blue and white and it had what I thought was Roman Catholic pictures and icons around the walls and he was dark-skinned and a lot of the people were dark-skinned so I assumed it was maybe Italy. I felt in the dream someone was pulling open my chest and all this energy was coming into me and I started crying a lot and I felt lots of emotions and healing and woke up crying and the presence of God or the Divine. It felt so close I asked a question. "What was that all about, what do I do now?" The answer was "You don't have to do anything, just continue to open your heart and listen." Almost as an after thought the voice added, "Oh you could go to see this psychic surgeon in Brazil and he may be able to help you further," and I saw the images again and thought, maybe it's Brazil.

Next day, I was telling a friend about the dream, and she says it does sound like Brazil , I know a woman coming back from there tomorrow. I phoned her the next day. She lent me a video and the place I saw was the same as my dream. I was quite shocked. Even though I was used to weird stuff, that was really weird, even for Glastonbury.

I was in a different state for a few days and then someone mentioned the woman who had come to me, in whose eyes I had seen the surgery, but I had forgotten all about her. In fact I thought she was a bit of a nutter, but she was going out to Brazil the next week so I called her and she took my photo and Joao marked it with a cross, which meant I had to come, and here I am.

Ronnie Mayor, 51
Retired window cleaner
Sydney , Australia

I arrived at the Casa in November 2000 with severe ulceration of the colon. I was going to the toilet maybe eight or nine times a day, was passing blood and mucus, had diarrhoea and intestinal bloating I had massive migraines, occasional vertigo and loss of energy. On the bus from Brasilia I went into an altered state, and it was like the worst flu I had ever had. I was laid out in the coach sweating profusely. The entities had started working.

The following day I was scheduled for surgery and I chose a physical operation. He cut me on the stomach, about a three-inch cut, pushed his fingers around and there was almost no blood. He deliberately left it open, with just a couple of stitches. He said this was to let the negative energy out. I felt I had had a huge operation. I had felt other cuts, I felt another person working on me at the same time but when we watched the video no one else was to be seen. I spent a week in bed and meditating in the current room.

I arrived back in Australia two weeks later and felt worse than I had in a long time. This lasted about three weeks. I felt them working on me twice a day, morning and evening. I was going into altered states.
After three months I felt a definite improvement, I came back in November 2001 and I have come every November since. Now in November 2004 the colon is about 95% healed. As I got better the migraines and vertigo were diagnosed as Meneires, a condition to do with the inner ear. This has dramatically improved in the last two years. The weekly migraines that were three days in bed in a darkened room are now a day of mild discomforts every couple of months.

The Casa is a very individual experience. It is the gateway to connect with God through the entities. It is, for me, a spiritual not a religious experience. It is not about coming to see João. He is an incredible medium but he is not a teacher or a guru.

Barbara Anne Vincent, 58
Redondo Beach , California
Counsellor and hands on healer.

I was rear ended in a car accident in October 2002. My head was turned to the right and slammed against the headrest. I was given strong intravenous steroids for twenty-three hours to try to reduce the swelling in the brain stem. This reduced the swelling somewhat but I had a terrible allergic reaction to the steroids. Eleven months later I still had some swelling in the brain stem and I had symptoms of glaucoma. On October 1, 2003 , my birthday, I was in Brazil to see João. Within ten minutes of invisible surgery I no longer had swelling on the brain stem, my neck was no longer swollen at all and I could turn my head.

The next week I had two visible surgeries one on each eye. He scraped each eye with a scalpel, digging out something from behind the eyeball. I felt no pain; it was uncomfortable having his fingers in my eye but no pain. The glaucoma symptoms disappeared. I had worn glasses every day for forty-seven years and now only needed them for reading.

After showing João a picture of my grandson Bryce, I did a surrogate surgery, which involved me having an invisible surgery on his behalf. He was living in Orange County California and was eight years old at that time. He had been diagnosed with ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. During the invisible surgery it felt like a Mack driving over my head then backing up over it and then backing up again. It was extremely painful. Ten minutes later when the surgery was over there was no pain. My grandson immediately no longer had ADHD.

Annabel Sclippa 34
Colorado USA
Acupuncture student

I had a spinal cord injury due to a car falling on top of me 17 years ago in 1988. I had a lot of intestinal and digestive problems from childhood sicknesses that were exacerbated by the accident plus muscular and skeletal problems as a result of it. This has resulted in me using a wheelchair, reduced sensation and function below thoracic T 11 and 10. They are the vertebrae in the lumbar back. My spinal cord was completely severed and I was told not to waste any time on the hope of getting any sensation or movement back below the break. Over the years I have managed to work hard energetically and physically and can get around a bit with a walker or parallel bars.

When I arrived in Brazil in August 2004, my ribs, my hips, my ankles, my neck, my cervical vertebrae were all out of alignment, or they were completely frozen or in patterns of spasticity that kept them locked. I was here for three weeks in August and when I returned they all had complete range of motion or were in better alignment. When I started the Herbs prescribed by the Entity my legs were able to sweat for the first time.

My physical therapist and acupuncturists were astounded with my improvement. They said normally, in order to achieve the aligning and unlocking that I did, I would have needed surgeries or six months to one year of physical therapy. My ribs right side were squashed and my rib cage was out of balance. When I returned my right was measurably less high and more balanced. My left hip was two -three inches higher than the right and when I went back it was more like 1/2-1 inch difference. My digestion, measured through Chinese medicine with pulse, tongue and abdominal diagnosis showed all my organs were out of balance with digestive and blood stagnation and when I went back that was all functioning better.

Damian Scott Campbell 31
Syracuse NY USA
Refrigeration technician.

When I was 12 years old I started bleeding internally. I was put on steroids, got really sick, lost 100lbs, and went down to 90lbs. On Dec 4th 1989 after being told I had ulcerative colitis doctors removed my entire large intestine. They did an experimental surgery, took my small intestine, looped it around four times and sewed it together making a'large intestine' or pouch inside of me. One year later I had swelling in my lower back which caused sciatica and I was diagnosed with vitiligo, white spots formed caused by losing pigment in the skin. Two years ago the scar tissue started wrapping around my small intestine and I was getting bowel obstructions from salad, any food with a rough edge, certain meats.

I would have to go to hospital, get an IV until the obstruction would free itself. I didn't want them operating again to remove the scar tissue so I came to Brazil on April 4th 2004. I had an invisible surgery and when I went home I was able to eat certain foods I couldn't eat before. I am eating healthier now instead of mush. I believe my problem was spiritual, I grew up with a lot of anger and sitting in the current room helps me to release a lot of those memories and deal with the emotional root. I can't explain how I know that was the root of it but I learnt that after I left Brazil the first time.

Anita Fuller 48
Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist.

I had heavy metal poisoning, high toxicity. I couldn't walk properly, had pain in the liver and colon, and couldn't digest properly. I had allergies, head pains, and anxiety, couldn't sleep properly, and pains in my joints. I arrived to see Joåo in November 2003 and received an invisible operation. I felt a hand inside my body working on my liver and heart and I heard the words "if you hadn't come, you would have had a heart attack". I stayed one month but within a week the pain in my colon and liver went away and my depression disappeared and I got my strength back.

I came back in September 2004 and received two invisible operations.
Then I had a physical operation with the haemostat up the nostril. I could feel it tunnelling inside my brain but it didn't hurt. It felt like an energetic channel being opened up. Now I feel much better and I am ready to work again. I am 75% better. Psychologically and emotionally it has also been wonderful.

Alicia Brislane 38
Auburn California

In 1994 I was diagnosed with depression and put on antidepressants and tranquilizers. In 2001 I had degenerative disk disease from ruptured disks due to a car accident. I was told I would need multi disk fusion in the hospital for three months with a one in 5 chance of paralysis if I didn't do it. That was February of 2004. I came to the Casa in June of 2004 and had a physical surgery in my upper right shoulder for my lower back problem. He made an incision with a scalpel, two and half to three inches long, only when he put the stitch in did it hurt just a little bit.

The first result I received was emotional. About 24 hours after the surgery it was like a black cloud was lifted off me. I stayed for eleven days, the cut pretty much healed in a couple of hours. My back pain is 80% improved. Since the car accident I was also on pain medication and was taking 8 different medications four-six times a day and now I take none. I started weaning myself off them about a month before I arrived in Brazil and left having finished all of them.


Norm Maxwell 28
Christchurch New Zealand
All Blacks rugby player

I came to the Casa in April 2004 and stayed for two months. I had numerous injuries I picked up in my profession over the last twenty years. Headaches, impact on my spine, lower back was a twisted, snapped ligament in my knee, dislocated fingers and shoulders, stiff all over.
I had one invisible surgery. I did a lot of emotional healing and came to conclusions about why I pushed myself too hard. It was due to a lack of self worth, looking at it and my parents in a clearer fashion allowed me to understand it a lot more and it gave me a lot of healing.
I have more self-esteem and my body feels a lot better.

I have been here twice now, this trip, December 2004, I have stayed two weeks, generally my body is more solid, my back straightened up for the first time. The headaches left me and I could play without many injuries. I am 50% better and improving.

Matthew Ireland 30
Vermont USA

I have a brain tumour; it was diagnosed in March 2003 as a glioblastoma multi form stage 4 inoperable. They gave me a death sentence of eight months. That was my best hope with little hope of that. The tumour was set in a place on top of my optic ciasm where optic nerves come together and it was trapping all of the spinal fluid into my brain. Instead of circulating it was building up in my brain and my brain was blowing up like a balloon. I had a shunt implanted. This is a tube that bypasses the tumour into the cavity where the fluid and it goes all the way down beside my ear, down my chest and drains into my stomach cavity, so now the spinal fluid circulates, as it ought to. I went through radiation and one month of chemotherapy but I hated the chemotherapy and stopped.

I came to Abadiania in November 2003 and stayed for three months. Now it's almost 2 years later. I had another MRI this November past and the tumour was visibly smaller. The doctors came in with great big smiles and told me it was smaller. This was my first confirmation of being healed. To see it on a piece of paper and to compare the two and say oh my god, the brain, the whole thing looks normal again instead of being this big amoeba of mush, it looks right. The tumour has backed off the optic ciasm so presumably the shunt is not being used at the moment.
This illness has woken up spirituality in me that I didn't know about.

That has been such a blessing. This cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me. People balk at that and say "wow you're crazy". But it's changed my life in such a positive way and so be it if I do die in a year, I've changed. I understand God is everywhere, in the trees, in the water and in the sky. It's not a religious awakening it's spiritual.

An update on Matthew: One year after this interview the entity took Matthew out of the meditation hall to the front and said, " I want you to tell everyone what you came with and what you no longer have" For Matthew this was confirmation that the physical problem is resolved. And of course he is still alive and well 3 years later.

Chanel Richardson 40
St. Petersburg Florida

I had Chronic fatigue for over twenty years. I had extreme muscle aches, very tired, unable to hold down a job. I first came to Abadiania in February 2002. I have been here four times in total until now December 2004. I went home after the first trip and felt worse, the fatigue intensified. I had extreme depression, which slowly dissipated, and the fatigue lifted slightly. The same thing happened the second and third trips, I got worse but the worse was less severe and the better was much better than the first time. In general the fatigue has almost vanished. I still have some episodes but my life has got so much better on every level. More friends, good quality friends, I was estranged from my family and now we are close and I am in a wonderful relationship, the first in forty years, with a man who treats me like a queen.