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Contact & Newsletter subscription

You are welcome to e-mail or call her for answers to any questions you may have. If you do not have access to low cost international phone calls or cards, she will be happy to call you back.

If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter please email to the address below and write "subscribe to newsletter" in the subject line.



If you are calling from another state or country please check the time to the right. If she is in she will pick up the phone or you can leave a message.

  • USA       + 1 917 512 2873
  • England   + +44 (0)207 193 5679
  • Australia  + 61 (0)2 8005 1900

She will call you back within 48 hours.

If you are from the United Kingdom, Ireland or Australia calls are automatically forwarded to her and she will be able to take your call. If she is not at home you can leave a message on the answer machine and she will get back to you.

Click here if you are from Ireland and wish to be able to make low cost calls anywhere in the world without a phone card.

Most importantly, if Adrienne is unable to take your call, please speak very clearly after the tone leaving:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Area code
  • State

New York