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Your guide Adrienne

guide badgeAdrienne is a Casa Certified Guide and a Daughter of the Casa having been given permission by the entites and Medium João to bring people on this very special journey. She is endorsed under a code of ethics by the Friends of the Casa. She lived in Abadiania in Brazil full time for two years from 2001 - 2003 after which was she was told "Now you can start to bring people'. She has been bringing groups ever since and has guided over 50 groups and 1000 people.

She has a wealth of experience over the years being a guide and has developed a reputation for excellent service and complete professionalism. Her groups are well thought out and every detail is taken into consideration. [See checklist at bottom of page.] Adrienne chooses to run four groups a year in order for her to be fully available and fresh for each group. As a result of her decision to have only fourteen people in her groups, and peoples desire to travel with her it is best to enquire sooner rather than later if you wish to join one of her groups .With more than fourteen Adrienne will always have an assistant, either Kate Dela Grange or Celia Dickson who have worked with Adrienne for many years. With two guides the group is maximum twenty two people in total.

Adrienne produced the first film in English- 'Visible Surgeries and Testimonials' - This is 20 minutes of John of God working with the entity Jose Valdevino being channeled through his body. It is complete with subtitles. She has written feature articles for Insight magazine - Australia and UK weekly newspaper The Psychic News. She worked with ABC Primetime live filming some of the footage that contributed to the first show that was aired on February 10th, 2005. She also shot additional footage for the follow up that aired July 14, 2005. She has a Masters Degree in Documentary Film making from Goldsmiths University in London.

She will do her best to see that you receive quality care and attention. She speaks Portuguese and can take much of the stress out of what can sometimes be, particularly if we are ill, quite a challenging experience. It is very important to have the full opportunity for healing and rest. She has a certificate in first aid and has been a nurse's aide.

Adrienne is down to earth and accessible, believing that being emotionally intelligent, grounded, practical and heartfelt creates a strong foundation to a healthy relationship wiith spirituality and the life of a mystic. Her own illnesses and initial reasons for first visiting John of God enable her to have genuine empathy for the sufferings of others. She is well versed and experienced in the treatment of co-dependency, addictions, emotional problems and the spiritual and energetic dilemmas that face us daily. She is also highly experinced in the field of nutrition.Adrienne gives you the space to be who you truly are, a loving, brilliant, radiant peaceful being. She is diligent and professional, giving participants the genuine trip of a lifetime.

Originally from New Zealand she grew up in Fiji and Australia. She has a base in London and Los Angeles and apart from Brazil, travels regularly to Australia.

She has a history of 20 years of healing and self development, amongst other things she is a Shambhala Warrior, having completed two years Shambhala meditation training culminating in Warriors Assembly. She has also done the Gerson therapy, which is an elaborate detoxification involving juicing and has a very successful history of treating advanced cancer and other supposedly incurable diseases. She practices Reiki and has received The Reconnection. She has done Shamanic soul retrieval and likes Bikram Yoga.

She has witnessed many healings, some fast, some requiring patience. The compassion of the entities is virtually nothing like anything she has experienced in the human realm. Her experience visiting Mother Meera and Ammachi was equally compassionate.

The Casa de Dom Inacio however, is distinguished by the extraordinary spiritual medical assistance that is available. When she arrived at the Casa she was ill and unable to walk far without being exhausted, having contracted a virus in Thailand that compounded her other health issues and had rendered her tired and nauseous for eight months. She spent the night in Brasilia the night before unable to leave the bed or eat. After her first invisible surgery, three weeks later all her physical energy returned. She was so amazed she came home and flew straight back four weeks later.

Should you not be able to choose Adrienne as your guide due to timing or other factors, there are some very important things to consider when choosing:

  • How long has the guide been operating?
  • Are they endorsed by Friends of the Casa?
  • Do they speak Portuguese?
  • How many groups have they led and what is the average size?
  • What are their working hours and do they take days off?
  • What personal work have they done to guarantee their emotional stability and compassion?
  • How long did they spend in Abadiania doing their own work before they became a guide?
  • Can they put you in touch with people who have travelled with them to provide recommendations?
  • What is the standard of the hotel in Brasilia, (if any) and Abadiania?
  • What extra cirricular activites do they offer - meditation instruction, group meetings, Brazilian cultural activiities, good knowlegde and utilisation of village life, etc...?
  • Is this their primary employment and work focus?
  • Do they love what they do?

Not all guides offer the same service and it is critical that you ask these questions to avoid disappointment later. Make the most of this most profound journey. CHOOSE WISELY.

John of God and Adrienne

The Entity and Adrienne

ABC Primetime crew