"Many, many thanks and blessings to you and of course Dr. Augusto Almeida for the distant healing for Amy in May. She is doing really well and the doctors are baffled as to how well her heart is healing. :-) The doctor thought there was something wrong with the machine when he tested Amy as it was showing positive results.... isn't that wonderful!! Thank God, John of God and all the wonderful healing entities at the Casa. There are no words to express such gratitude for Divine Healing. God bless"

Liz, (on behalf of child Amy who was scheduled for a heart operation that was no longer required) Ireland

Distant Healing Testimonials

The Main Casa Entities. However there are many thousands who come to help.

  • Dr Andre Luiz

  • Dr Augusto de Almeida

  • Dr Bezerra de Menezes

  • Dr Jose Valdivino

  • Dr Osvaldo Cruz

  • Dr St Dom Inacio de Loyola

  • St. Rita of Cascia Patron St of the Impossible

  • Jose Penteado

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Next Distant Healing Session with the Casa entities Thursday September 9th 2021

Next Intervention Session with the Casa entities Friday September 10th 2021

"My phalange is not comprised of 10, nor of a 100, but of 1,000's. I am the one that goes to the very depth of the abyss to rescue one soul. "
Dr Augusto de Almeida - Casa de Dom Inacio - Brazil

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"For Those Who Believe, No Words Are Necessary For Those Who Do Not Believe, No Words Are Possible."

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

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