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Distant Healing Instructions - Next Session with John of God - Thursday June 28th

PLEASE: Never send a photo on its own, follow the instructions below.
Email must include: Name, address, photo, date of birth, ailment and 5 digit payment order number.

Please click on and read this list of FAQ before you start the healing in order to be clear about the process.


You may also download and print it.

Don't have Adobe PDF Reader? Get it here

Your photo will go in front of John of God, in entity, on Thursday June 28th 2018. You may email for Thursday the 28th up to 7pm EST Wednesday June 27th(EDT USA). The photos will be presented to the entity at approximately 1.30 pm EDT. Adrienne will get back to you by Monday, or Tuesday if you chose courier, to let you know that the photo was presented. PLEASE NOTE: John of God in entity will not say anything or give you any answers or insights into you condition verbally. You may receive insights through dreams and intuition and it is important to pay attention to these. WE CANNOT MAIL HERBS UNTIL THE PHOTO HAS GONE TO THE CASA.

Distant Healing with a photo. Distant Healing is done by photo submission to the Casa. The Entity who looks at your picture can scan your energy from the photo. For adults, the entity will always give you herbs. It will be passiflora, in capsule form, that will be energized for your problem specifically. The herbs will be sent to the address you put in your email address. John of God and the entities can help with everything. As each person is different there is no way of knowing what the outome will be. We cannot compare ourselves to others.

You may not eat chilli, that is hot peppers, dried hot pepper, hot sauce, cayenne pepper, jalapeño and any other hot pepper. Bell peppers, the large ones are fine. You may not drink alcohol. Alcohol in tinctures is fine.Take one capsule twice a day. for the 40 days. If you are sending photos for others for Distant Healing they must know about and consent to the treatment.

Any one that is ill, that wishes to be treated and healed by the entities, the Distant Healing with the herbs is always recommended. It is important for us that we are active in our healing, and by committing to the herbs, to the treatment, to abstaining from alcohol and chilli, it shows we are active in our healing process and mindful on a daily basis.

1) E-mail Adrienne at the email address above, a small recent photograph of yourself approx 7cm x 10cm (200px x 300px) in .jpg format.PLEASE try not to send large files, aim for about 150 KB. Remember there are 1,000 KB in a megabyte. Do not wear sunglassses.It may be a head shot, or with head and torso, full body is not necessary.
2) Write the Name, [of person receiving healing'] and the order Number [that came with your order] in the subject line of the email. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ELSE IN THE SUBJECT LINE. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE SUBJECT LINE IS, PLEASE GOOGLE IT. PLEASE NOTE:The first thing you must do is buy the herbs so you can have the email with the order number to complete the process. See the buy herbs button below.
3) In the body of the email message, include your:

  • Full name
  • Current mailing address, if not your home address please include your home address also.
  • Date of birth (spell the name of the month, please)
  • The concern you want told to the Entities.
  • HERBS: The Order number that is on your email receipt.
  • [You will receive this receipt when you click the link below to make your purchase]
    You may write anything you like, keeping is simple and as many things as you would like help with. It is helpful for you to be clear with your own intentions and focused about the changes you would like to make. The herbs will be sent to the address you put in your email request. There is no response from the entity in words, but they will start to help.


We cannot send herbs to India, Turkey, South Africa, the Middle East or Pakistan. Please give and EU or US address.

What will happen exactly when the entity, (inside John of God) looks at your photo?
He will look for a few seconds and get a sense of what you need doing. He will then write on a piece of paper and this will be placed over the photo. This is the passiflora request to connect you to the entities. From there the entities will be starting to help you. PLEASE NOTE: John of God in entity will not say anything or give you any answers or insights into you condition verbally. You may receive insights through dreams and intuition and it is important to pay attention to these.

Distant Healing with the entities is a process, just like when we have have acupuncture, or reiki or see the doctor, very often we might have a change immediately, but it is ongoing treatment that effects lasting results. Brazilians are told to return every 40 days, foreigners and those who cannot do this have their photo presented. This is a healing process that begins today!

If you would like to choose specific prayers to use during your healing process then you can access the Casa de Dom Inacio prayers here. There are many to choose from and these are the prayers that are being said in the current room where Medium Joao and all the entities are working, working on you and your photos and working on the people who travel to the Casa.


We have a highly secure payment processor, where you will also be able to open an account, log in and store your details safely and securely.


Buy herbs for £56 (UK STERLING)

We recommed using the courier as there may sometimes be a delay of up to 4-6 weeks for the herbs to reach you. Courier is $55 USA additional and must be used by all Canadians.

  • £56 = $76 USA.
buy herbs

Click on the link above to order the herbs. THIS IS THE ENTIRE COST FOR THE DISTANT HEALING. HERBS + PHOTO PRESENTATION = DISTANT HEALING. IF YOU CANNOT FIND YOUR RECEIPT PLEASE LOOK IN YOUR SPAM FOLDER. 1 order per person. Only choose to purchase two lots of herbs if you are sending photos for two people and the shipping address is the same. Please note that the equivalent of £50.00 pounds is $76 US dollars. PLEASE NOTE: THE EXPRESS COURIER SERVICE IS AVAILABLE FOR MOST COUNTRIES HOWEVER WE CANNOT SEND BY COURIER TO INDIA, PAKISTAN, GERMANY, AND THE MIDDLE EAST.

You may pay with a credit card from any country. Allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery by regular mail. Regular mail may take as little a two weeks. After the payment is made I will send you a receipt with the order number. If you do not get a receipt, check your junk mail. If you still do not have one, then you have not completed the order process.


If you wish to send a photo of your child, or have a blessing/prayer for a loved one or a pet please follow these instructions. (with pets just the age is fine) There is a limit of three per week per person. They will not receive herbs. If you wish another blessing for the same person it would be due in 40 days. You do not need their permission for a prayer request, however you do need their permission if they are over the age of 14 and wish to have a Distant Healing. Below is a donation button with a drop down menu for this service, please give as much or as little as you feel you are able.


Please follow these instructions writing "Blessing" (if for an adult) or 'Child" in the subject line of the email.

1) E-mail a small recent photograph of the child/loved one approx 7cm x 10cm (200px x 300px), about 150kb in .jpg or .gif format.
Head and torso is preferable, with the eyes clearly visible.

2) In the body of the email message, include:
• Full name
• Current home address.
• Date of birth (spell the name of the month, please)
• The concern they want told to the Entities.

If you do make a offering for this service, please put the receipt/ID number from your confirmation email in the healing request you send to Adrienne.

You may write anything you like, keeping it simple and include as many things as they would like help with.
Please note that there will be no response from John of God or the entity. After being taken to John of God, the photo will be placed in a prayer basket beside him. Adrienne will send you a confirmation email indicating the date it was taken to the Casa.

Click here to read Testimonials by people who have received Distant Healing (treatment with the herbs) through the entities and John of God. There have been some remarkable and profound healing stories of the entities working in this way.

Important information about the entities and the healing at the Casa in Brazil.
The Casa in Brazil is not a magic bullet or a place where miracles happen every day regardless of the sometimes extraordinary things that happen to people and the powerful healing that occurs.
It is a place where the entities, with our efforts help us make energetic shifts within the complexities of our karma and other factors. They have the power to shift and raise our vibration and manipulate our energy field for the better. They can do this in a way that is far beyond anything we are used to. They have come here from higher realms to selflessly give to us in order that we may grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes physically. They are here to help us on the path to love and wholeness. This can take time and results can vary from person to person.
It is not a place where one time healing fixes everything. There entities are very clear when they say, 'There is no magic here - do your work'.

What is Passiflora?

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) is used in traditional remedies as a "calming" herb for anxiety and insomnia. During the early twentieth century, this herb was included in many over-the-counter sedatives and sleep aids. It is also used in German homeopathic medicine to treat pain, insomnia, and nervous restlessness. Today passionflower (often in combination with other calming herbs) is still used to help treat insomnia, tension, and other health problems related to anxiety and nervousness.

Ingredients: These capsules contain only dried powdered Passiflora herb in a hard capsule shell to maintain the potency of the plant. The dried leaf is pure and entirely natural. Each capsule typically provides 200mg Passiflora powder.
Directions for use:
Adults: 1 capsule twice a day, with a little water. They are energized for you and help maintain your connection and intention to tha Casa and the entities as they help you and may not be given to others.

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