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Testimonials: Healing from a distance

Click here to Receive Distant Healing at home from John of God and the entities

Thank you so much! The work was felt this last few days. I have been feeling much better - especially at night there has been a very loving presence and a feeling of confidence. I received the message in my"dream voice" dialog: "The conditions that were contributing to this tumor are being lifted up to God's Light and will pass out of your life."

In the last week a troublesome ex- boyfriend pulled away and a beloved but difficult dog who caused me stress suddenly died. I also felt something released from the gall bladder and the iliosecal valve area, and my sluggish colon is flowing much better. Ironically, the drains from my house to the septic all had to be replaced. The help arrived to get it done quickly.

I seem to be attracting more help in my overloaded life. The blood vessels that were bleeding on the bridge of my nose have shrunk. I'm also amazed that I've been feeling so extra healthy ever since.
Sleeping well. I know you are blessed for doing this work -- I am grateful for this contact.

First of all I want to thank you for the remarkable healing of the problem I had on my right side of my upper body for about 3-4 months. Very sore, and very worrying. I visited my doctor and I was also sent to one of the finest hostpitals here in Stockholm where they did several test, but with no result of what it could be. Finally I heard about you. Shortly after receiving a mail from you I could actually feel the sensation of 'fingers' under my skin and shortly thereafter my pain and sore feeling was gone and I haven´t felt any since.
Thank you so much. I feel blessed and I am so thankful!

Due to a botched cervical fusion in 1995, I've had overwhelming problems. I've had searing pain literally from the top of my head to my toes. Nerve damage in my neck, numbness in my left hand, sciatic nerve pain; problems with my sacrum tilting led to problems with my left hip, pubic bone, pelvis, then my right foot(a huge bony 'spur' on top of my first joint making walking agonizing), left knee, and now left foot(inflamed at base of my 2nd toe). Add changing hormones, MAJOR sleep problems, weight gain, hot flashes, fuzzy thinking, arthritis, poor circulation, tight muscles, sore ribs, an often-upset stomach, and diarrhea. And exhaustion--which is such a drain.

My picture passed in front of John of God on October 18, 2007. In the past month, my left knee pain disappeared almost right away. My neck, which used to feel like it was off its axis, is much more stable. Same with the sacrum area. I've almost 'lived' at the chiropractor's office. One of his tests is for me to lie on my belly and lift first my left leg, then the right. When my sacrum is tilted, it "locks" up and I can't lift either leg more than an inch or so. I recently went in to show him that I can easily left BOTH legs up maybe 18". He's ASTOUNDED. I believe John of God and the entities have been able to do what he hasn't been able to accomplish in 12+ years. In addition to my "mainframe" becoming much more stabilized, my muscles don't feel nearly as tight, my sleep is improved, I've lost a little weight, and perhaps the biggest surprise is that my sugar cravings (which I hadn't even mentioned in my list of ailments) have largely abated. My hot flashes are less severe. Overall, I know I'm HEALING, and have the sense that I'm better with each day that passes.

And I'll be heading south to the Casa, on one of Adrienne's tours--I can't wait to meet her. She's been patient and kind, informative and friendly, and you have the feeling that she genuinely cares about you, right from the get-go.

I can't tell you how excited I am!!! I only started Tuesday, October 9 and several wonderful things have happened since I started taking the pills and went on the special diet. Starting on Wednesday, I had a HUGE exam the next day, Thursday morning. So I was up half the night wondering if I studied enough or if I studied this and that. Well, later that night when I started to relax and fall asleep, I felt a sensation on my upper right leg. It felt as if someone was working on me. That same night, I went to bed and I felt another sensation on my upper left leg. This was a different feeling. It tickled!

A few days passed and I had a dream Saturday night and John of God came to me in this dream! I was so excited and could not wait to tell my parents the exciting news! I was in the dining room waiting for them to pull into the driveway when I heard my mobile ring. I walked all the way to my mobile (which was in the living room) without holding anything! I cannot keep this excitement inside of me, so I tell everyone! Later that day, I am trying on clothes and put on a pair of new shoes with a slight heel (heels worsen my balance work, well I have no balance) and my mom helps me to the mirror, so I can see my new outfit and I walk to my mom without holding onto anything and wearing heels and NO falling!!!!!!!!
My faith has also improved and I now have a new respect for life so thnk you! Thank you so much for everything that has happened to me thus far. I am has forever grateful!
North Carolina

I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatits in Nov 2006. I took the herbs. I just visited my doctor after taking new MRI's, they show, now, that I don't have chronic pancreatitis or even acute pancreases, but a little inflammation of the pancreas. The doctor said that I should not drink alcohol and see him in three years. Very good news.

During my John of God distance healing, I came to feel attractive and proud of (instead of insecure & shameful over) my body & self, and I developed a profound feeling of wholeness/abundance (instead of emptiness, hunger, and neediness), acceptance, happiness, and love, which I now want to share with everyone. Unlike all the other emotional breakthroughs I've had at workshops, this one's lasted. I feel so thankful for all the love, support, and inspiration I've received that's has helped me reach the place I'm now in. I consider my decision to obtain John of God (distance and in-person) healings to be the most valuable and important thing I've ever done.
Washington DC

I wanted to let you know that many things have been changing since the healing. My right knee that I injured is doing much better. I can now walk for much longer distances without getting any pain. I also with my last period, did not have to take the vicodin that I have had to take for years. I did not have debilitating cramps, instead I was able to function with just taking some advil. And that is not all- I have been dealing with infertility for years. Last time my FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) was tested it was 19.4 this is very high. It should not be higher than 10. And I just had it tested again, it is now 6.1 which is normal.I can’t tell you how happy I am, things in my life have really changed! I must thank John of God and the entities for changing my life. I now have the chance to be a mom to a baby using my eggs! Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you about the herbs.

Just to let you know that Clay’s tests came back all normal. His bone marrow test and vitamin levels are normal. I would truly like to thank John of God for the Healing that is taking place. Clay still has the peg in his stomach, as his eating through his mouth is not yet sufficient. Although he continues to improve. It was amazing to notice that Clay’s energy seemed to become much more positive, it was almost immediately after the Prayer Request. The whole family dynamics seemed to change. This has occurred ever since he was a baby when I would write or phone for Prayers for Clay.
Atma (on behalf of child Clay)
Victoria, Australia

Just wanted to say thank you for forwarding my son, Travis's details & photo to the Casa. I have seen a difference in him and he's getting better each day and looking well. Thanks again.
L, for son Travis.
New Zealand

This is a f/u to Antonio's health. We are happy to report that he went for his second cat scan and all his cancer is gone and the doctors say he is cancer free and will f/u with them in a few months. He wishes to extend his deepest appreciation for the work and blessings that were bestowed upon him. Thank you so much to John of god and the entities and also thank you for all your efforts. God bless all you. I don't have information on what type of cat scan they did but usually they perform a "PET" scan which does scan the whole body in cancer cases to see if the cancer has metastasized. I am guessing this is what they did because the doctors had warned him that he had a very aggressive form of cancer that can spread rapidly. I did see a radiological image of the tumor when Antonio was initially hospitalized and even though I am not a clinician it did appear to be a significant size. The tumor was growing right outside the lining of the lung and it was extremely close to a major artery so the doctors were very worried and thus this dangerous location prevented them from performing surgery and only giving him Chemotherapy. I consider him a very very fortunate man. The chemo may have worked but my faith lies in the work of John of God
Berta for Antonio.

Many, many thanks and blessings to you and of course Dr. Augusto Almeida for the distant healing for Amy in May. She is doing really well and the doctors are baffled as to how well her heart is healing:) The doctor thought there was something wrong with the machine when he tested Amy as it was showing positive results.... isn't that wonderful!! Thank God, John of God and all the wonderful healing entities at the Casa. There are no words to express such gratitude for Divine Healing. God bless
Liz, (on behalf of child Amy who until the healing needed a neart operation and now no longer does)

The night that I sat in front of this computer and got the picture together, although it was not a recent one, I was compelled to send it anyway. I wrote you of my concerns, and then gave thanks and cut the computer off and went to bed. Once I laid down, it was as though a volcano erupted inside my body!!!! I began to cough uncontrollably, and saliva collected in my mouth rapidly [jaws full], all I could do was to use a cup by the night stand, [three of them], and this lasted for about 35-40 minutes. My breast were well heated.

Suddenly, it all calmed down, and I was fine..and I had a sense that the Entities were already working on me. I had a restful nights sleep.

Two weeks later....

Wednesday/Thursday Morning --middle of the night. I awoketo excruciating pain in my bronchial area, myright breast and liver areas, it was truly horrifying and I could only Reiki myself and pray.
I opened my eyes, and saw Gold Light forms working on me. I was out of my body looking at myself being worked on by these beings. This lasted a good while during the night. I was in and out of sleep and not sleep. I am still alive [smile], and doing fine. I realized Thursday morning when I awake, that it was a week ago that you passed my photo to Jon Of God, and perhaps they were still working on me. Don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but this has been my experience.
Yumnah E

I received the herb prescription in the mail yesterday and had begun feeling the healing effects last week. Wonderful. If you see Dr. Jose Valdevino, please let him know how grateful I am to him and to John of God for this. The bladder symptoms went right away and the irregular heartbeat is minimal. The insomnia is better too. You have made all this happen quickly! With much appreciation.

I got back into town last night. I wanted to let you know that I had set my alarm for 5:30 so that I could be awake while my photo was passing in front of John of God, but at 4:50am Pacific (7:50am eastern) I woke up myself. When I awoke I was really HOT! I thought I was having a hot flash or something, but it now I am sure it wasn’t. For the next half hour I felt various sensations including a sensation that my heart was being opened.
I lay in bed connecting to John of God and in a twilight sleep for about 40 minutes until my alarm went off at 5:30. At that time, I felt no more sensations, just a sense of quiet.
Just wanted to let you know.
Santa Monica

There are no words that can best express my gratitude to you for facilitating everything and of course to John of God and the great Dr. Augusto de Almeida. 30 minutes after I read your e-mail, I felt a hot, searing sensation on the left side of my chest, the upper portion of my left breast to be exact. I thought I was just imagining it because it's summer now and it's normal to feel hot. But it wasn't. I felt as if a laser beam was directed on that spot. I checked my right chest and it wasn't as hot aa it was on the other side. Besides, my feet were cold and i wasn't perspiring at all.. That heat wemt on for about an hour an a half. I am sure there will be more healing sessions in the days to come.
I am considering seeing John of God in October, if God-willing to make it true for me. I will let you know as soon as conditions are perfect..
Thank you again and God bless you,
Anaheim CA

During the time of my photo passing by the (entity) doctors, I lay down in a quiet spot at home, and gently thought through the various requests for healing that I had mentioned in my email. After about half an hour, I started to feel my body moving around, or being moved, first my legs started really shaking, vibrating, left then right, then my hands and arms. Then my stomach kneading and gurgling non stop. Then my jaw opened so wide and my tongue pulled out as far as it could go and locked down onto my chin for at least 5 minutes while my jaw, throat and not sure what else was being worked on. (I subsequently tried to open my mouth the same way and stick my tongue out as far, but just gagged and got a cramp in my jaw.)

Then after my tongue went back in and jaw closed, my face was being manipulated in the strangest ways, pushed and pulled upwards, sideways into what must have looked like the oddest positions. I then relaxed and thought about releasing stuff so that I could allow love into my life, and at exactly that moment my male cat, who had kept a distance all this time came and sniffed me, and instead of climbing on top of my chest as he normally would have, just lay peacefully next to my knees. My knees, since that day have been virtually pain free, I have been walking up stairs easily which I wasn't able to do without help due to injury and arthritis. I am very grateful for this healing. My stomach problems (IBS) have also been a lot easier.
Sydney, Australia

I received the herbs yesterday. Thank you all so much! The morning of the healing when I knew you would be presenting my photo to John of God at around 9:30 am . I needed to be at work at 9:00 I wasthinking about it while getting readyto go. I am a nanny of a 3 1/2and a 1 1/2 year old boys. So you can imagine that I do become very involved and busy upon arriving.So I proceeded to play with the kids in there room with stuffed animals. When all of a sudden Isawwith my eyes like wateror chards of glass, brightlong vertical lines going in a circular motion.

When looking at the children I wouldhave to move my eyes slowly to horizontal to see the whole of there faces. Trying not to panic wondering what was going on....after about 10 min of or at least seemed that amount I looked at a clock wondering if it was 10:oo when I had to leave with the boys. It was 9:25 ....it dawned on me at that moment...remembering the healing. That calmed me when I realized it.
It lasted maybe a total of 20 min. then it was gone. Wow how truly amazing! Thank you All.

I have to say that I am a sceptic. Since March 2009 I have tried many conventional and unconventional methods in my quest to resolve my ongoing period issue. Nothing has made the difference. I have even stopped with Reiki. After the healing - on the 10th period has stopped. I feel like a million dollars.
God bless you and many, many, many thanks.
Albany, New Zealand

You sent in a photo for me for healing for a ganglione cyst on my foot (which seemed incurable) and for plantar fasciitis (which I'd had for 2 years) and both of those issues are completely healed now. I am so glad and relieved. Thank you so much.

Wow! Your Friday is my Saturday ... that is about right. I am really so grateful in so many ways that I cannot say. My pain is so relieved that I would almost think that I wasn't sick at all. My muscle tone in my legs is returning to a good elasticity and I walk like a normal person again. I am motivated to lose weight and do things I could not even think to do. I will as well!

My RA is usually very sensitive to the weather and any barometric changes. Today we went through a bit of a roller-coaster day with rain and sun and I felt none of the changes that would normally have put me in pain and agony. You are great! I will take care of myself and keep you appraised of my condition.

Yours Always in Friendship and Devotion,

One Year Later:

I don't know if you remember me, but my name is Ian MacLeod. I wrote to you in 2005 with dire need due to crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Well, your blessing has been incredible as not only has the RA gone, completely now ... but I have lost weight from a staggering 105kg down to 83kg. I had not been able to do this on my own and doctors just turned a blind eye.

I just want you to know that I more than believe, am devoted to what you do ... as a personal witness to the power here.
Ian MacLeod

I would like to try againhealing by the Entities. I should have continued my herbal treatment but instead Istopped, thinking I did not need additional herbs. However, myIBS with constipation has returned and I am once again in pain.

I would like you to know that although the Entities did not heal my IBS, it did, according to my gynecologist, remove the masses that were inmy lower abdomen. I am hoping thatmaybe this secondchance willfinally take care of my IBS.When my doctor told me about not being able to find my masses, he asked what I had been doing. I told him about John of God and explained to him my distance healing. Before leaving his office, he asked me for the website address.

Thank you very much for bringing my photo and list to entity/doctor Dr. Jose Valdevino through João. Since my request to you to deliver my photo and list, I have felt much healing in process - some nights more so than others. I already know and feel a difference in my physical energy -- and am starting to understand more completely the underlying factors for my illnesses via my dreams and visions at night.
Los Altos

I am writing to tell you very good news and express my gratitude. I was trying to get pregnant for couple of years and last October sent my photo to Casa for healing. It was passed by entity José Penteado and I got pregnant shortly afterwards, our baby boy was born in August this year. There are no words that can express my gratitude to everybody at Casa, to all entities and of course José Pendeado and John of God. Many-many thanks for all your help! I am very grateful for this healing!

I am going to the Wellington event!!! Things have started looking up already. The first few days were incredible. I have had a possible promotion for work being discussed, my partner is now starting the talk of letting go and coming to understand that he is not what I need, nor am I what he needs. At night I feel like I am protected and there is this warmth on my back. I am also a lot stronger and when problems arise I am able to just say stop, is this really my problem or someone elses? I use the website and I feel a sense of real calm and peace when I watch the testimonials on video. My father is now actually really communicating with me and my mother is committed to my healing process.

After Wellington:After i had the spritual surgery in Wellington, I kept dreaming of a man with a beard and a longish face. I could not make out if it was my uncle who had just moved over from Manila or who. Until you told me it did not make sense. I looked at the photo of Dr Almeida and it was him (no kidding!). It was that longish sort of face with a beard! Yesterday I felt the healing more. I got really tired and sleepy so i let myself sleep and when I woke up i was energised again. When i meditated, it felt like someone touched my hand (right hand), the same thing happened when i went on the crystal bed in Wellington and funnily enough I did feel like it was a man with a beard again. When i sleep, i sometimes wake up suddenly due to a bright flashing light.
New Zealand

You e-mailed me to say that you would be showing my photo on the Wednesday. Well on that Wednesday in the evening over here (UK) I felt something like pins and needles in my right leg. It was a stronger and deeper feeling that lasted about 20 minutes. It went away then I got it again for a short time later that night. I went to bed and had a dream where I was telling someone (I couldn't see who it was but it must have been God) about the weakness I get in my right leg etc. When I awoke in the morning I couldn't remember the dream, then I had a shower and I stood with all my weight on my right leg! Adrienne I haven't done this for about 5 years so I was amazed. It was then I remembered the dream I had and it all fitted into place. I am also sleeping a lot better now too, before I would always wake up during the night but now I fall asleep easier and sleep all night, and I find that I don't need as much sleep at night as I must be having good deep sleeps now. I can walk normally now on some days which is wonderful as it makes feel so much in control of my body again, I trust it more though now and it has given me great comfort and confidence,

I had an unusual experience between 2am and 5am on Friday 3rd of February. I went to bed at 2am and I couldn't sleep at all, I never have trouble sleeping and I was very restless, cold, then boiling hot! Anyway as Im led in bed I have this odd feeling like I cannot move my body as if I've been anaesthised, enough to suddenly make me extremely drowsy and nauseous, this lasted at least half an hour, I woke my husband to tell him what I was experiencing and he held me and he also felt the same, he said he felt something happening in his third eye. We both experienced tremendous heat and a huge surge of energy through my body. I told him maybe he shouldn't hold me incase it effected the energy and he fell asleep. I wasn't afraid, and there was no explenation other than obvious energy from the entities, it just happened that time and hasn't happened since. I thought I'd let you know.........WOW!!!!

I got back into town last night. I wanted to let you know that I had set my alarm for 5:30 so that I could be awake while my photo was passing in front of John of God, but at 4:50am Pacific (7:50am eastern) I woke up myself. When I awoke I was really HOT! I thought I was having a hot flash or something, but it now I am sure it wasn’t. For the next half hour I felt various sensations including a sensation that my heart was being opened.
I lay in bed connecting to John of God and in a twilight sleep for about 40 minutes until my alarm went off at 5:30. At that time, I felt no more sensations, just a sense of quiet.

There are no words that can best express my gratitude to you for facilitating everything and of course to John of God and the great Dr. Augusto de Almeida. 30 minutes after I read your e-mail, I felt a hot, searing sensation on the left side of my chest, the upper portion of my left breast to be exact. I though I was just imagining it because it's summer now and it's normal to feel hot. But it wasn't. I felt as if a laser beam was directed on that spot. I checked my right chest and it wasn't as hot as it was on the other side. Besides, my feet were cold and I wasn't perspiring at all.. That heat went on for about an hour an a half.

The following week:

Last Monday evening (8/07) while I was sending the picture of Christine to you amidst my talking to Catherine via Skype/computer, I was experiencing some healing. I felt a stinging sensation but bearable on the underside of my left arm (as if accupuncture was being done on it). I would also feel some pins and needles on the other parts of my body but not as prominent on my arm. This went on even till I went to bed and fell asleep.
Since the healing that started last Friday, I have noticed I no longer have headaches when I wake up in the morning and I immediately go to the bathroom to move. Before, I had to drink 4 glasses of water. Secondly the hissing sound on the left ear has abated and my hearing has improved. Healing is not complete but I feel more energetic now than before.
Early this morning (Wednesday). I talked to Catherine and what she told me was astounding. Christine said that two nights ago while asleep, she felt someone was doing something inside her left breast while Catherine felt some heat at the back of her neck before going to bed last night. I am glad that healing is being done on them even before their pictures are to be passed before John of God, especially on Christine, whose life has been numbered.

More power and blessings to you....till my next update,

I did have an experience but am not sure what exactly happened as I was half asleep. I felt 3 warm waves vibrate over my body, they were very powerful and energising. I was a bit nervous about what the healing would bring but when it happened I felt completely calm and open. This was followed by a dream where I did meet someone who was a healer. I cant remember exactly what the healer looked like but felt an angelic presence. I then had a dream that I was looking into the night sky watching the stars. As I looked closer they started turning into clear quartz crystals. This was really amazing....I woke feeling pretty calm and content.
Sydney Australia

It must have been either Wed. or Thursday of last week, during one of his speech therapy sessions, Brandon pushed his breath on command 3 times through a straw, it's a big step for him...everyone is very excited about the amazing news...Some people I hear are sensing a miracle has happened to Brandon.
David, (carer for Brandon)
Laguna Hills CA

Thank you. I began to feel really tired, and lay down for a long time.
When I awoke I was already feeling much better.
Athens Texas

Surrogate Surgery testimonial - Distant Healing - I had a distance healing with the entities and was prescribed surgery. As I couldn’t travel the only solution for me was surrogate surgery from a distance while I was at home. My surgery took place on December 14th 2007 at 2 p.m. Brasilia time. At the allocated time I lay in bed waiting for what would happen. I fell asleep for about half an hour and when I awoke I felt a distinct rattling sensation. It was peculiar in the sense that it I wasn’t shaking as such, but felt clearly as if I was. It felt as if the rattling was sort of outside of me, yet connected to my body.

It stopped after a while and I thought that was the end of it, but then I felt an impulse to twist my neck and I followed that, then an impulse to stick out my tongue. My partner said this went on for a long time, but it didn’t’ t feel like a long time at all. Then it was over and I was suddenly incredibly weak, so much so that even walking was an effort for the first 24 hours. I felt weak for the whole following week. During the night of the review I woke shortly after 5 a.m. and drank the glass of water as prescribed. Within an hour after that I felt energy streaming back into my body, and by the time I got up my energy levels were back to normal.

For the first 24 hours after the surgery I felt so weak that I could hardly even get a clear thought. Mostly I just wanted to sleep. The following day when I got up I still felt very fragile. I could sense that something big had happened, that somehow I wasn’t quite the same as I had been the day before. Yet I couldn’t tell what it was that had changed and I found it very difficult to try and describe the experience. It came with a sort of ‘wordless’ quality. I felt that I had to get to know myself all over again. I tried out different activities to see what it would be like doing them. I started a painting and noticed fairly soon into the process that I was painting in a different way to before. I wasn’t agonizing as much over every small decision as I would have done before. There was more free flow.

Next I noticed that in interactions with people I did not feel shame where I had before. In fact, I hadn’t even been aware of how much these interactions had always been shaped by shame. Now I felt much more accepting of myself and loving towards myself. I felt a deep contentment where before there had been a constant restlessness and need to prove myself.  In relation to my work I could trust much more in my abilities. I felt more relaxed and confident. I also noticed that I was enjoying my son on a deeper level now. For the first time since he was born I felt a deep sense of joy being with him, rather than feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of another new day of baby care ahead. Also, it really opened the heart. I am now more loving and accepting of myself, and have found that judgments I had of other people have vanished. I can let other people be more. Everyone’s got their own struggle.

Over the course of the forty days post surgery the back pain I had been suffering from for 3 years as a result of a car accident gradually lessened and became very manageable. That has made a big difference for my quality of life. I sleep much better now and am less exhausted as a result.
Recently I had a blood test done to see if anything had changed around the thyroid over function I had asked the entities for help with. The blood test showed heightened hormone levels, but all within the upper ranges of what would be considered normal. In other words, there is some improvement, but it will need more work to heal completely.

Overall I would describe the surgery as one of the most profound experiences I ever had. It’s changed me with a depth that I have never before experienced in one single treatment of any kind. I am very grateful for this experience.
It was only a couple of weeks after the surgery that I started reading up on other people’s testimonials and saw that both the rattling in the aura, and the weakness afterwards had been described by others, as well as the effect of it opening the heart. 

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Dom Inacio and the entity

Dr. Augusto