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Dates Itinerary Prices

Scheduled Trips

  • 2015
  • Sunday February 8- Saturday February 21
  • with Kate dela Grange
  • Sunday May 10 - Saturday May 23
  • with Kate dela Grange
  • Sunday August 9 Saturday August 22
  • With Celia Dickson and Adrienne Grierson
  • Sunday November 8 - Saturday November 21
  • with Kate dela Grange and Adrienne Grierson

Please be aware that if you are traveling from the USA you will need a visa and this can take 10 days, so better to book sooner rather than later.

When you make a reservation please send an email to Adrienne stating what dates you are booking for.


Two Week Trip Includes

  • 5 star hotel in Brasilia [14 day trip]
  • Transport [if traveling with the group]
  • Guided tour of Brasilia [14 day trip]
  • 2 gourmet traditional Brazilian meals
  • Pousada accomodation for 12 nights
  • Three meals a day
  • Orientation and Casa protocol
  • Translation assistance
  • Information manual
  • 12 sessions with the entity
  • Evening discussion Groups
  • Optional daily meditations on non Casa days.

Due to the popularity of the Oprah Winfrey show and Adrienne only running four special groups a year, trips fill quite fast. Book early to avoid disappointment.
People come from all over world in Adrienne's special groups and meet up in Brasilia. Adrienne works with Kate dela Grange and Celia Dickson. They are all women of exceptional integrity and caring and Adrienne feels privileged to have them on board. They are all a valuable addition to any group.

Adrienne's groups stay in one of the loveliest and most comfortable pousadas in Abadiania, complete with pool, lawns and spacious rooms. It is definitely the one of the best places for accommodation in the village.

pousada food pousada1

Feb 2015 with Kate Dela Grange
per person. Starts on the Tuesday in Abadiania including 12 days and 11 nights in Brazil.
$1,900 per person. Starts on the Sunday in Brasilia including 14 days and 13 nights in Brazil.

May 2015 with Kate Dela Grange
per person. Starts on the Tuesday in Abadiania including 12 days and 11 nights in Brazil.
$1,900 per person. Starts on the Sunday in Brasilia including 14 days and 13 nights in Brazil.

August 2015 with Adrienne Grierson and Celia Dickson
per person. Starts on the Tuesday in Abadiania including 12 days and 11 nights in Brazil.
$1,900 per person. Starts on the Sunday in Brasilia including 14 days and 13 nights in Brazil.

November 2015 with Adrienne Grierson and Kate dela Grange
per person. Starts on the Tuesday in Abadiania including 12 days and 11 nights in Brazil.
$1,900 per person. Starts on the Sunday in Brasilia including 14 days and 13 nights in Brazil.

Sunday arrivals begin in the beautiful 5 star hotel, The Royal Tulip, dinner, a tour of three sacred temples on Monday and lunch in a traditional bar-b-q as well as 12 nights in Abadiania.

Here is a list of countries that do not need a Visa to enter Brazil.  

Kate and Adrienne

About Kate dela Grange

A word about Kate from Adrienne:
"Kate dela Grange first came to Brazil in one of my groups about seven years ago. She became one of my dearest friends and her expertise in running groups from her previous tour guiding work in Mexico was invaluable. In the times when I need an assistant to help me Kate is always an excellent choice. Kate and I have done groups together now for over three years and she leads some on her own. Her warm nature, attention to details, expertise and compassion make her the perfect addition to the journey. She is an an excellent choice of guide to John of God."

A life-long intuitive, Kate deLa Grange reconnected with her abilities about 20 years ago when she began to practice body-centred psychotherapy and discovered peoples bodies were giving her far more information than their minds. She has honed her abilities at the Psychic Horizons Centre in Boulder, Colorado where she is now a staff member and prominent teacher with students and clients from all over the world.


Recommendations for Kate dela Grange
I had the good fortune of traveling to Abadiana, Brasil to experience John of God with Kate deLaGrange as one of my casa guides. The experience was extraordinary, life-shaping and deeply rewarding . Kate was a warm, encouraging, safe and consistent presence throughout the journey. She was able to assist readily when there were questions related to protocol or give suggestions with respect to expediting healing. Kate added both fun and depth to the trip. I particularly felt her offering of evening meditations grounded the day's inner work. We even had a powerful meditation that took us to the Akashic Records. I believe Kate's background in counseling and intuition made her uniquely sensitive to our needs as participants. I highly recommend any trip to the casa where Kate would be both guide and support.
Enid, USA.

I had a wonderful John of God experience last May in a group led by Adrienne and Kate Dela Grange......... I want to say that Kate's lovely meditations in the evenings added so much to the group experience. She is dedicated to seeing that each person in the group gets the help they need during their visit to The Casa.
Pamela Campoy - Zazzu Mexico.


About Celia Dickson

Celia first came to see John of God, on her own, in 2004 and has been returning to Abadiânia for many months every year since, acquiring a wide independent and deep grounding in the workings of the Casa.

She met Adrienne on her very first trip and they have remained good friends ever since. She has been assisting Adrienne with her groups since 2012. She is also a certified Guide of the Casa Dom Inácio in her own right.

Celia is from the UK, currently living in the spa town of Bath. Originally having a background in theatre design and personnel management, she has also acquired an extensive knowledge of crystals. With a BA in in Fine Art and Sculpture, she continues to work creatively, being deeply influenced by her meditation practice, especially through the Casa Entities.

As a life-long sensitive, she has concentrated over the last 17 years on her spiritual self-development, expanding and grounding her knowledge in the healing arts, trauma recovery and psychology. She has done intensive work in Mexican Mexihka Soul Retrieval, Vipassana meditation, Hatha Yoga, The Hoffman Process amongst many others and has graduated as a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and an Aromatherapy Acupressure Massage therapist.

Celia is a wonderful choice for a Casa guide. She has a thoroughly organised and receptive nature: engaging, enthusiastic, kind, and considerate with a great sense of humour. Accessible and happy to answer questions and give guidance where needed, she always has time to help and is excellent at listening.



For all trips a non-refundable deposit of US$500, UK £250 is to secure your booking.
You will need to fill out the booking and indemnity forms that Adrienne will email to you. Following this post them back to Adrienne. She accepts all major credit cards or you may send a cheque.
You may pay in full when making a booking if you wish. Upon receipt of deposit you will be sent them information manual. For anyone making a late booking (within four weeks of our departure), please pay in full. In the case of an emergency cancellation, you may apply the cost of the trip towards another trip with Adrienne Grierson providing it is taken within a year from date of the original cancellation.

Itinerary - Brasilia + John of God.

A driver will be at the airport to meet you in Brasilia with an air conditioned bus and from there you will be taken to a five star hotel in Brasilia to relax. There is a pool and sauna and we will all meet for dinner at 7.30 to officially begin our journey. This is a time to recuperate from the flights and meet with the other group members and get to know each other.

The group will tour Brasilia seeing the Dom Bosco Church , the National Cathedral and walk the labyrinth in the Temple of Good Will. The temple has an Egyptian room, is built in the shape of a pyramid and welcomes all faiths and tenets. There with a huge quartz crystal inside at the centre. The labyrinth inside is a spiral of black and white granite. Walk to the centre counter clockwise, breathing and letting go of all obstacles and challenges to peace of mind. In the centre look up to the crystal above, praying and preparing yourselves for the light to fully entery our hearts as you begin the walk back.

Now you are filled with gratitude for the love and healing available to all of us on earth and most importantly in Brazil , right here, right now. From there exit the spiral, drink holy water and stand before the Throne and the Alter of God. The group will lunch at a traditional Churrascaria, which is a Brazilian Barbeque. In the afternoon you will go to Abadiania and settle into our guest house.

You will visit the Casa and Adrienne will give you a full orientation of the site and explain the following days proceedings. She will also schedule Crystal Beds. The crystal beds will prepare you for the following day. For any patecomes there will be a full orientation with Casa staff in English on Tuesday night.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
You will visit John of God at the Casa. You will meet the entity and ask for help in the areas you came to have healed and worked on.These are full days of treatment either in the form of surgeries, crystal beds, or meditation.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
These are days usually spent resting and rejuvenating. For those not immediately recovering from surgery more crystal beds will be scheduled and weather permitting, the waterfall will be visited every day. There is the optional opportunity to visit a neighbouring farm with a river and walks, or a small eco-forest nearby. There is some pleasant activities to be had in Abadiania should you feel the need. Massages are available, there is a small beauty salon and some socialising is often nice, although it is also very important to be in the energy and not allow ourselves to be completely distracted by outside activites. There will be guided meditations designed to deepen your connection, whilst we work on continuing to clear all obstructions between you and your own true radiant essence. This is voluntary not mandatory, only if it feels appropriate to you.

One should always use the days off wisely, and spend time in the Casa grounds and communing with nature and the entities. There is the opportunity on Tuesdays for chopping vegetables for the blessed soup that we drink during the week at the Casa.

Wednesday Thursday & Friday
Back at the Casa and you will present your photos to John of God of friends and family.There will be surgery revision. It is very important to sit in the current (meditation) rooms at every available opportunity. Much of the work is done when you are actively engaging with the energy of these rooms. Many people receive spontaneous invisible operations and profound insights all the while giving generously of their energy. Friday night we have a special going away dinner in a lovely restaurant.

Depart Abadiania and go to Brasilia .We will go to the airport and bid your farewells. During the trip the group will meet and share and review your healing, being ever mindful of our intentions for coming. Adrienne will help you and answer any questions you may have. She will always be on hand to assist you in any way that she is able.


spirits near the Casa